Most of us dream about achieving something special in life, but often it comes with the dream.

Our dream is to bring more healthiness into peoples life. Make something that they would love at the same time as it could help making their lives better in a nutritionally, sustainable and enviromentally-friendly way.

For long we thought this would be an impossible task since everything already is invented, but suddenly we got struck by the light…

“What if we make a super convenient and well-tasting fish snack to eat anywhere, anytime without hassle?”

Then fish could be just as accessible as nuts, chocolate and protein bars, and people could get a tasty, high-nutritional snack at the same time. A snack that raises the bar for healthy snacking and helps reducing peoples short-term happiness and health challenges from the unhealthy. Just the way snacks ought to be.

You may say we’re dreamers, but we’re not. We just look over the horizon and towards the future ahead of us.

Espen Nilssen & Ronny Slettmo

Co-founders of Easyfish AS