Seafood from Norway

Say Hello To The Fish Meal Revolution

Finally, fish is made snackable anywhere, anytime! Just the way you deserve it.

Nutritional Heroes. Pick Your Favorite

Choose between three different flavors of our premium fish snack
that may help you feel like an explorer and do things no one has done before.
Seaweed Salt
Truffle Salt

No Stress

In a busy everyday life, you deserve super easy and healthy food solutions to do yourself some good. That’s why we make fish as snackable as nuts, chocolates and protein bars.
Just to help you live well and achieve more.

Nutritional Rockstars. Pick Your Favorite

Choose between three different flavors of our fluffy fish snack
that may help you do more, feel stronger and climb the highest mountains.
Pepper & Onion

Hungry On The Go?
No Problem

Our daily life runs even faster, and it can be hard to find time to eat healthy while on the go. Even worse is what being offered. All too often, snacks and mini meals provide nothing but empty calories and long-term health challenges.

We believe these problems easily can be solved trough cleaner, healthier and more convenient fish products
made available anywhere, anytime.

That’s why we make them.

Nothing But Good

“GUTZ® BY EASYFISH” is made of wild-caught cods from the cold, clear waters of Norway, added extra virgin olive oil and tasty flavors from all over the world.
Not fried. Just dried.
olive oil

Your Choice Matters

All of our products are made from sustainable fish stocks, produced in a sustainable manner and brought to the market in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

We’ve made our choice, now it’s your turn.