Fish made super easy!

Just to make your everyday life easier, healthier and more fun.

We know your fish problem!

Oh yeah, we know the feeling of bad conscience when not eating enough fish during a busy week. To help you out, we’ve innovated some tasty “ready-to-eat” meals of cod to snack anytime, anywhere.
Delicious! Pick your favorite.
Seaweed Salt
NOK 35,-
Truffle Salt
NOK 35,-
NOK 35,-
NOK 29,-
Løk & Pepper
NOK 29,-
NOK 29,-

Less stress. More fun!

No more cooking. No more cleaning. No more bad conscience.
Just a well-tasting, environmentally-friendly and 24/7 fish meal that makes you free to do more of the fun stuff. Just the way it ought to be!
olive oil

80% seafood protein!

EasyFish is made of wild, sustainable cod from the cold, clean waters of Norway, olive oil and exciting spices from all around the world.
Just dried, to boost the protein, vitamin and mineral content and to reduce the carbon footprint.

Wherever you go, we follow:)

Of course, fish can be as available as nuts, fruit and protein bars. If someone has told you something else, it’s probably because they haven’t met our super convenient EasyFish yet.

Please, tell them the great news!

Some friendly words

EasyFish is an amazing snack product. It tastes good, but does even better. I’ve been enjoying it for a while and have had some great strength improvements. It’s definitely a snack I’ll provide to my grandchildren.

Hege Henriksen Bubandt, Grandma

As a former fotball professional, I’m still very focused on my nutrition, and EasyFish provides me with the protein amount I need in a busy week. It isn’t just good for me, it tastes good and makes my life easier as well.

Jonas Johansen, Football Coach